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What is the GSA?

GSA stands for General Service Administration, a government organization that centralizes purchasing for government agencies. Government agencies utilize GSA contracts to find millions of products and services at competitive prices.

What is a GSA Schedule?

GSA schedules are long-term contracts with businesses that allow government agencies to have quick access to products and services. The government agencies can shop from thousands of potential vendors who are on a GSA contract. Many businesses want to know how to get on a GSA Schedule. The GSA has a lengthy application process for GSA contracts but once awarded a GSA contract your business receives a 5-year renewable GSA contract. A GSA contract also allows your business to be listed on GSA Advantage, an online shopping depot for government procurement agents.

The solicitation will list the prerequisites for obtaining the schedule and the information required in the company’s proposal. While the requirements vary depending on the schedule, each has an administrative, technical and pricing section.

All companies must have:

  • Healthy financials
  • 2 years in business
  • Past performance
  • If selling products they must meet TAA compliance

GSA evaluates proposals according to the solicitation requirements. After negotiating pricing for the company’s products and services, GSA will award a GSA schedule contract that can be extended every 5 years, up to a 20 year term.

With pricing, terms and conditions already established, federal buyers have fewer steps between identifying needs and purchasing solutions, making a GSA schedule contract a preferred vehicle for many agencies and purchasing agents.